Hometown Pediatrics expansion in works

By Terri Nighswonger

Dr. Shari Smith and the staff at Hometown Pediatrics are excited. The practice is getting a new building that will allow them to have some breathing room.

“It’s framed in and they are putting the roof on so it looks like we could be in it the end of the summer,” Smith said. “We’re aiming for July/August. We’re excited about that.

We’ll be moving and we’ll have hopefully more space than we know what to do with. At least we will have somewhere to put our own desks.”

The office, currently located at 2302 E. 32nd Street, will be located in Redings Mill across from All Aboard Ice Cream.

“We’re right there by the river. It will be a nice setting for it,” she said. “After everybody gets their shots they can go get some ice cream.”

The new facility will have about 8,000 sq. ft. on the lower level and 1,600 on the second level.

“Our second level is just offices and storage,” Smith said. “We are actually doubling our work space. This is about 4,000 and that is just under 8,000.”

The business is also doubling its patient rooms from eight to 16 but won’t be adding any staff or providers right away.

“We’ve got patients but part of our issue is we don’t have enough exam rooms for the providers that we have. In order to be able to expand providers, we need to expand space.”

Hometown Pediatrics broke ground at the beginning of December. The foundation was poured at the beginning of March and the main floor is currently framed in. Workers are putting trusses up and Smith is hoping they can soon start working on the second floor.

“They’ve really come a long way,” she said. “We are dying. We can’t wait. It was definitely a space issue which is a good problem to have. We actually outgrew this space probably after our first year but by the time you buy land, get plans and bid those plans out and then come back and you’re like, ‘nope I’m not spending that.’ so we got some new plans. I’m really glad we did because I think we like this floor plan better. It is kind of an open concept.”

Smith said they like that openness to be able to have more interaction with patients. They didn’t want it to seem too big or too stark so it will have the same homey atmosphere of the current facility.

“We like the fact that we are all out there and when the patients come by we can see them and talk to them so we wanted to keep that,” she said.

Keep an eye on Hometown Pediatric's Facebook page, Smith said. They will be posting updates and plans for a ribbon cutting in the fall.

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